5 Ways You Can Display Your Art and Make a Living Off Your Passion

Image: Pexels

* This wonderful article was written by: Davis Jameson *

Creativity is something that should be shared with others. If you have a creative passion you’d like to turn into a business, there are a few ways you can. Consider these tips to help you get your art out in the world.

1.) Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is a great way to get attention. Take professional photographs of your art and post them on all your platforms. Create a blog about your experience and process, and follow other artists and relevant galleries. Start a YouTube channel where you give some insight into your artistic process before showing the finished product. Research shows the best social media platforms for artists are YouTube and Pinterest.

2.) Teach an Art Class

A great way to get your name out is to teach your skills to others. You can offer in-person classes at a local community center and do some online webinars as well. If you don’t like the idea of teaching live, there are websites where you can prerecord your lessons and upload them for others to purchase at will. Then you can continue making an income off of a single video. You can also use those same videos on your own website.

3.) Create Originals for Commission

If your creative process allows you to take the suggestions of others, you could work on commission. For example, if you paint murals, offer your services to others for a commission. You may start out painting a nursery room wall for an expecting mom and end up receiving a commission from your local government to brighten up the city.

4.) Create a Business Plan to Stay Organized

Before you start offering your creative services to others, you can organize your plans to turn your work into a business venture. Draw up a business plan to keep yourself on track toward a goal. It should include a summary of your business and what you offer. For example, you could list price ranges for your varying services. Describe your business structure and your plan for daily operations. Include your financial projections and how you plan to get funding when needed. Keep in mind that if you ever need capital, this business plan should be something professional you can show to potential investors. To learn more about writing a business plan and opening a business, visit this ZenBusiness page on starting a new business.

Build Your Brand and Start Marketing

One way to make yourself memorable is to curate a brand online. Start with visuals that make you stand out. You need a well-designed logo that uniquely identifies you. If graphic design is not your forte, you can use an online logo maker to create something original from a template. Choose a style, icon, colors, font, and text. Then, you can adjust them as needed. Remember to keep this same imagery, font, and colors across all your online platforms.

Next, bring everything together with a distinguishable look. For example, take professional photographs of your artwork for your Instagram page and edit them all to have the same style, including filter and background. On your YouTube channel, follow a similar process with each video, visually and in editing. As you gain a following, people will start to recognize your work by online style before they even see your name.

As your business starts to take off, you may have days when you feel overwhelmed or overworked. Remember that your art is your passion. Maintaining that love for your work is just as important as making your company a success.

* This wonderful article was written by: Davis Jameson *