About Me

Welcome to my website...I am ECSTATIC that you are here!

Why? Because I have something to share with you. Something that is life changing. Something that will help you save TONS of time AND money. Something that I wished I had when I first starting working online…but first, my story. Don’t worry, it’s not too long & boring! 😉

I started working online 3 years ago, but it wasn’t blogging, not even close. It seemed like everyone was blogging, so I took a different route. Besides, what would I blog about? Plus, I would need a website if I wanted to blog and I didn’t even have a clue how or where to get started with that. So I started taking a transcription course so I could be a Transcriptionist online and after that a course to be a Virtual Assistant, neither of which I did after taking the online courses.

My next venture…somehow I had come across Affiliate Marketing through the numerous links I clicked through each day…you know how it is when you’re surfing and one link leads to another and then another and the next thing you know you’ve been online looking at stuff for hours, but haven’t actually gotten anything accomplished. The links are never ending and there’s so much information overload my brain hurt and sometimes still does…seriously! Getting started with Affiliate Marketing was a bit harder than I thought. Through my quest to learn, understand and become knowledgeable about this new endeavor, I spent thousands online for courses, the next ‘big thing’, quicker ways to make money online…you name it…I did it! Not only did I spend lots of money on my ‘shiny object syndrome’, I lost something more valuable than anything else in this world, whether personal or professional.

So what is this ‘thing’ that is so important to me and everyone else?

TIME. Time is valuable. It’s not just ‘a thing’. It IS your life. Money can be made, but you’ll never get time back…ever. Everything you want to see, do, feel, touch and experience can only happen within the time you are given.

I was so busy looking for the ‘next big thing’ to make money online, I wasted TONS of time and I’ll never get that back. It sounds depressing, and while maybe it was to some degree, I have never once thought of giving up…no matter how bad my day (or week!) was. My vision of making a living online has never changed. While I may have changed direction several times, my goal has always remained the same and that was to be successful working online. I KNEW there was something out there for me, I just needed to find it. I needed something that I truly believed in. I needed something that I would use myself. I needed something that wouldn’t break the bank. But most of all, I needed something that would make my life easier to work online…and yours too.

And that’s when I found Blog This WOW!, Easy As Email and EZ Vloggerand the rest is history!

So now I’m here to show YOU just how simple it is to start your blog, quickly post to your blog and share with your subscribers and followers without breaking the bank every month. You’re going to LOVE these tools, whether you’re just getting started, have been blogging for years or anything in between. You only have one life to live, so follow your passion TODAY!

Yours In Success,