Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing – Tricks For Staying On Task


At any given time, you may have a lot of very important ideas about your business swimming in your brain. Ideas about:

  • Growth
  • Products
  • Customer service
  • Partnerships
  • And more! (Much more in my 🧠!)

These ideas all have merit and can shape the success of your business, but they can also distract you from the most important tasks at hand. Being off task can cost you valuable time and money that you need to have a successful business. It’s important to keep the main thing the main thing at any given time. So if you’re not promoting the main thing, what ARE you doing?

Staying on task and being disciplined is how you get big results. Doing the next right thing, whether large or small, is what matters most for a well-run business. Here are some tips that will help you stay on task when there are so many options running through your head.

Tip: Use Mind Mapping

Tip: Engage In Strategic Planning

Tip: Use A Daily Planner  Get A FREE One Here! ==> Goals Planner

Mind mapping is a tool that business owners use when they’ve got a lot of great ideas that they need to get out of their heads. It helps them keep the main thing the main thing. Too many ideas are distracting from the most important thing at the moment.

Mind mapping is a great way to capture thoughts that clutter the mind but have real potential for business growth at some point. Mind mapping is an excellent way to gather thoughts and their associated tasks and get them down for later review. There are great tools online that can teach how to mind map for business.

Strategic planning is an activity that plans out long-term ideas with actionable steps. Strategic planning begins with brainstorming, which can come from mind mapping ideas. From there, tasks are broken down into annual, quarterly, and monthly goals with action plans for what needs to be done and who will be responsible. Reviewing the strategic plan helps keep people on board and on task with projects that are the main focus.

Daily planners are an effective way to create a to-do list that keeps you on task. Making a plan for the day the night before is an excellent way to hit the ground running and create a framework for focused energy. Using a daily planner can help break down the day and the tasks into smaller, easier to handle activities.

Being a creative business owner is awesome, but it can be hard to stay focused if you don’t keep the main thing the main thing. These tips will help you take a wide variety of topics and interests and break them down, helping you focus and work towards your most important goals.


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