The Ultimate Goal Getter’s Summit Kicks Off On Monday! 

This free event features 25 speakers who are ready to teach you how to  take control of life’s busy work and pursue the transformations that really matter to you. Who doesn’t want that? 

You’re going to hear from all kinds of experts like:

  • Jodi Graham (productivity coach)
  • Alison Lumbatis (CEO of Outfit Formulas)  
  • Sagan Morrow (anti-hustle productivity strategist)
  • Mim Jenkinson (host of The Planner Podcast + Creator of Paper Planner Club App)
  • Jessica Litman (organizing expert)
  • Jenny Eden Berk (Eating Psychology Coach)
  • Amira Irfan (business lawyer)
  • Julie Schooler (author, speaker, & author coach)
  • Nadalie Bardo (author of “Conquer Procrastination”)

And sooo many more! 

It’s got topics ranging from prioritizing what you care about, to making a plan for accomplishing goals, to conquering your to-do list with less time and effort.  

Let me know which presentation you’re most excited about in the comments and, if you haven’t yet, check out the link to learn more and grab your FREE ticket! 

Click Here For This FREE 5-Day Event! ==> The Ultimate Goal Getter’s Virtual Summit

You Don’t Want To Miss This!

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