Run Your Business Like A Marathon Not A Sprint

There are all sorts of runners out there. Trail runners, sprinters, and marathoners. Each type of runner has unique qualities that make them best suited for their type of race. A trail runner is great at agility and dodging snares while a sprinter is excellent at using explosive speed for short periods of time. Marathon runners have the ability to withstand long periods of running while conserving their energy.

Running a business is a lot like running a marathon. While it is important to avoid snares and have intermittent explosive energy, it’s more important to have the stamina to withstand the long and arduous race. The ability to go the long haul is what helps a healthy business thrive, while others simply run out of steam.

When a marathon begins, the wise runner starts slow and steady. They understand that bursting off the starting line won’t gain any real advantages over the competition. Many of the people who start off with great enthusiasm won’t make it past the half-way mark. It’s best to conserve energy for down the road when the real competition begins.

Running a marathon requires breaking the course down into manageable chunks. Staying focused on small tasks like completing 10 miles and breaking through the dreaded wall when the body is fatigued. Staying focused on the small tasks rather than the enormity of the race helps the runner stay focused. It’s the same for business owners who don’t think too far ahead and lose sight of the immediate tasks and needs of the business.

Running a marathon requires a strong and stable mind that can overcome the body that wants to quit when the going gets tough. In the same way, a great business owner can use their mind to override the fatigue and strain that comes from the ups and downs of running a business. Things are going to happen but if you build up your stamina and refuse to quit, your steady commitment will pay off in a big way.

Running a business like a marathon is a wonderful metaphor that remind business owners that slow and steady wins the race. Completing small tasks over time is far more advantageous than bursting off the line and losing steam long before the race is over. Develop the marathon mindset with your business and commit to the long haul and you’ll have the tools and the will power to outlast the competition.


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