It’s Time For A Change and It’s A Good Thing!

So this is kind of a different blog post, as I’m changing things up a bit…but it’s a good thing!

I have been working on another website for almost a year now and I have finally decided to get it out there in the open. Even though it was published back in late fall of 2022, I just wasn’t promoting it because I felt it wasn’t ready or perfect enough to be ready…by my high standards anyway.

Maybe some of you know I’m a perfectionist and maybe some of you don’t, but what I can tell you is, I am DEFINITELY a perfectionist and it’s taken me a hell of a long time to get where I’m at today because of it! I’m talking about online success, which isn’t much by the way!!  Perfectionism KILLS your life, your thought process, your sleep, your days (and nights!) because you can’t stay focused on the important things…the things that matter to make you and what you have to offer online successful. The procrastination, all the unfinished projects, all the files I have on my laptop from shiny object syndrome throughout my online journey to success that never helped, or very little. I’d get up days thinking (and knowing!) what I should be doing, what I should be working on, but yet, I wasn’t doing them or I was doing very little and progressing soooo slow.

Somehow, I never really got to any of the projects or things that I wanted to do and share, or at least not completely. All my projects were half-assed, uncompleted pieces of work that I never finished because I didn’t think they were good enough for the public to see yet.


I have so much to offer, but yet here I am, still in a state of disarray…and all because of me, my perfectionism and procrastination! Yes, me!!!! There, I said it! Okay, maybe some days not all because of me, because we all know sometimes life does get in the way. But still, mainly me. And you know what? I KNOW THIS! I KNOW ALL OF THIS! But yet, I’ve still held myself back. I held back what I have to offer and share to others who might actually find it helpful and useful AND may actually NEED it, all because of my perfectionism and procrastination!


Well, the only decent answer I can come up with is that I’m only human. Deep down inside I know that I’m the only one that can answer my own question and that the answer is me, my perfectionism and my procrastination. And I’ve finally come clean with myself and you. All these wonderful ideas, advice, resources, products and so much more that I have and will be sharing has finally started. Who knows? Maybe I will help someone just like me get their start, or get to the next step, or even get to their finish line. Well, nothing is ever really finished, but to some point where everyday life is at least doable and you’re not sitting there in tears, frustration, guilt, money spent…just to name a few, of feelings and things that we all do when we start something new.

I’m in my fifth year of working online, not necessarily blogging, but all the other things I’ve tried since day one, which is A LOT! But it’s not just the money and the feelings that go with it, it’s the time. I’ve spend SO MUCH TIME on unnecessary tasks, projects, just a lot of things. Sadly, this probably happens to more people than you think that want to start something new, whether it’s getting out of the 9 to 5 grind and working online or some other huge, life-changing project.

So I’m here to say, no matter how cheesy it may sound, that I’m living proof that things can be done, no matter how long it takes you, how much money you have (or don’t have!), and how much time you have, and this is from the heart…nothing that AI could ever do! 😉

Someone out there is looking for you, for what you have to offer and share, for your knowledge, your expertise, your experience and guidance you have and can give others. If reading this post could just convince one person to make that move, whatever it may be, it would make me happy! Everyone in this world has something to offer, special gifts that only they know how to create and show others. If you are that person who has been sitting on the fence about working online, or whatever it may be, don’t delay, don’t NOT do it, don’t procrasinate and perfectionize forever because that day may never come and no one will ever know about your wonderful gifts, advice, strategies, tips, information, know-how or whatever it may be. You owe it to yourself and to others to share what you, and only you, are good at. Don’t hide it. Don’t perfectionize. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t think that what you have to offer nobody would want, because that is simply NOT true!

So as I come to a close, I do hope you’ve read this post in its entirety and actually took something away from it. There’s enough negative stuff in this world today and it’s just, well, nice for change to have something positive. Something real. Something exciting to embark on, because let’s face it, you only live once. That’s all you get. One life. One chance. One shot. So just do it and let the world in on it!

This website,, will still be active and hopefully stay very active! I will still be sharing things that will be related to blogging, like how to get started blogging, tips and strategies, etc. and I’ll also be sharing online business opportunities and ideas and sharing other bloggers posts that I think you would find interesting, helpful and useful. So I’m not signing off just yet, I’m just changing things up a bit and as I said, it’s a good thing!

My new website, which still needs work, but I must get it out there, is and it’s all about perfectionism, procrastination, self-care, goal setting, journaling and other things I love about working online, like creating printables…even though I’m not that great at it…yet! 😉 But I sincerely and truly appreciate my subscribers and followers. It really means a lot to me if you read my posts, even if it’s just skimming, it’s still awesome to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Awww! Yes, I mean that! 💖

So until next time,


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