5 Ways To Start The Day Right


Every morning is a brand new opportunity to start over. Our lives change every day, and there’s no time like the present to start making every day a good one. We all know that a nutritious breakfast is crucial to getting through the day.

But behind every meal of the day, there is a secret recipe – a chance to momentarily break from the old routine and be fabulous! But your diet isn’t the only way to start the day right. Especially in the morning, exercising contributes to a healthy body and disposition. Also, research has shown that those who wake up and exercise regularly are less likely to have a heart attack than those who sleep late and get up late, although I must admit, I am guilty sometimes of the latter because I have a bit of insomnia.

Giving yourself a fresh start each day by starting with a positive habit is a great way to start your day.

So, what’s the secret to kicking off the day, right?

These 5 Tips Can Help…

1.) Drink Lots Of Water

Drink after rising, splash some water on your face, and take a shower, well, unless you’re working out, then afterwards. 😉 Splashing water on your face gives you the jolt you need to wake up and leaves you feeling refreshed. Drinking water first thing in the morning also boosts your metabolism. I put a piece of lemon and lime in mine, not just because of the health benefits, but it tastes a lot better. So if you don’t already have the habit of drinking water early, start with a small glass of water and/or try mixing it with lemon, lime or add flavor to make it taste a bit better than plain water. Over time, you’ll figure out what works best for you.

It certainly makes sense to sip some water right after getting up. Water helps you wake up and ensure that your organs are working correctly. Drinking water also helps your body get rid of waste products and rehydrates.

2.) Give Yourself Some Pampering

Consider what you need to do to feel like a king or queen. Do you need to put on some good clothes to start your day off right? Do you need to treat yourself to a great cup of coffee, maybe with flavored creamer? Or maybe something else personal to start the day out right.

Give yourself what you deserve to make the beginning part of your day special. Giving yourself some love at the beginning of the day will help you feel ready to take on the rest of the day. And remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to make you feel good.

3.) Get Moving

You don’t have to run a marathon, but just doing simple regular exercises, like a quick walk or jog, can have an equally positive effect. Doing some strength training and/or weight training a few days a week can give you the energy you need to tackle your day too.

4.) Rise Earlier Than Those Who Live With You

This tip might be the most difficult one to implement, but getting up earlier to start your day in an organized manner will help you be more productive. I can get so much more done, feel organized and productive when I get up earlier in the morning. Of course, this may depend on what shift you work if you’re not working at home, so you might have to change things up a bit if that’s the case. My husband worked 12 years on swing shift, 9 of which I have been with him and I can’t tell you how much that screws around with your sleep!

Anyway, many people who start their day on a positive note tend to last throughout the day. Also, waking up earlier means having some time to yourself before everyone around you is awake.

5.) Take A Moment To Show Gratitude

Gratitude is the act of acknowledging all the good that is happening in your life. Focusing on gratitude each day helps you stay happy. Taking a few minutes each morning to be thankful can significantly change our perspective for the day and beyond. People who practice the act of reminding themselves of the things they have in their lives tend to be more optimistic.

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Being grateful in the morning can help spark the day’s positivity.

You may not be a morning person, I know I wasn’t until I was in my 40’s, but starting your day right by kicking off the day with gratitude, getting moving, and then starting with a positive habit could make you feel better.

The morning is the perfect time to set the tone for the rest of the day. By doing these five things, or even just one if you’re just making small improvements, can help you start giving yourself a fresh start to your day.

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  1. Jessica, what a fabulous list of morning routines to follow. I like to express gratitude to focus on the good in my life because where your attention and energy goes, does in fact grow. Focus on the good and more good will move into your life. Keep up the great work my friend.


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